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The Society is starting work on a campaign to make sure that the Society’s point of view is heard loud and clear in the forthcoming consultations on the future of Western Harbour.

In August we held the following event which attracted over 40 participants: “What makes Western Harbour special?”, Wednesday 11th August 2021 at 7.00 pm (on zoom).

Western Harbour event notice

Following the debacle of the consultation on the proposed road schemes (held in late 2019 and early 2020) the City Council has now appointed consultants to develop a vision to guide the future of Western Harbour. We understand that there will be an extensive consultation programme in the next few weeks – a programme yet to be made public. The Council’s information is here and here.

The Civic Society will naturally wish to contribute to this new exercise. But what does the Society wish to see in Western Harbour? We’ve coined ‘what makes Western Harbour special?’ as a guide.

  • What do we wish to see retained, preserved, protected?
  • What do we see as the opportunities?
  • And, of course, what don’t we want to see happen?

No big presentations from us but an opportunity for you to contribute and to help form the Civic Society’s approach to the Western Harbour consultation. We’ve teamed up with UWE and will have two students working with us – Sarah and Alex. Our short term objective is to produce a “position statement” which will outline our aspirations.

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If you’re interested in this campaign, please get in touch so we can add you to our campaign mailing list. Email simon.birch7@gmail.com

Simon Birch

2 thoughts on “Western Harbour”

  1. We must preserve the aspect/ view of the bridge. A bridge between Plimsoll and the Suspension would be a calamity. A new roadway on the Gloucestershire would ruin the character of the approach. Future generations would not forgive us.

    1. There are many different views of the Suspension Bridge depending on where the viewer is positioned. The Portway is part of that view from some positions as is the existing Plimsoll Bridge from positions by Cumberland Basin. A short stretch of road on the west side of the river connecting to a new low level bridge would change the view from some positions but would it necessarily be worse ?

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