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Bristol Bridges Walk

Bristol Bridges Walk

Bristol has 45 bridges that span the main waterways of the city which can be crossed on foot. Is it possible to walk across all of them without crossing the same bridge twice? This is the question posed by the 300-year-old ‘Konigsberg Bridge’ problem in mathematics.
Castle Park Tree Trail

Castle Park Tree Trail

Tree Trails are proving popular in Bristol. Recent examples include The Downs and Brandon Hill. Trails allow people to explore

Royal Fort area

Anyone going up or down St Michael's Hill will be aware of the new Life Sciences building, but what is not so obvious is the creation of a new open public space and two new pedestrian routes into the Royal Fort area.
Old-city heritage trail.

Walled city walk

A beautifully artist-designed map and walking guide of the Old City together with postcards featuring individual businesses was launched in April 2014. It puts Bristol’s Old City on to the map – bringing its fascinating history to life.

St James Priory Church

St James Priory Church is, famously, the oldest building in Bristol still in use. The Priory was founded in the 1120s by Robert, Earl of Gloucester, a capable soldier, administrator, bastard son of King Henry I and the Norman thug who ran this town.