Ashton Court: August 2023 update

In May we made an offer to Bristol City Council for the Civic Society to take the lead on finding a long term solution to the Mansion. The most recent initiative, involving The Prince’s Foundation, has been completed and we think it’s vital that we maintain the momentum and work with others in the City. It will be a real challenge – the Mansion is two thirds derelict!

In our offer we said:

At the moment there is no clarity over the long term future of ACM. This needs sorting before there is further serious physical deterioration or even a disastrous fire. Sorting out the long term future of ACM is very challenging and needs proper thought and discussion, a City wide conversation. There should be extensive debates and investigations, exploring both old and completely new ideas and initiatives. Time is needed to explore and to develop potential partnerships.

The response from the City Council was immediate and positive. In June we received the “green light” to our offer and we are now moving ahead with planning for a start on the work in September 2023. More news as we get moving.

Simon Birch

Full submission to Bristol City Council.

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