Ashton Court Mansion: January 2024 update

The Society’s initiative to secure the restoration of the Mansion is making positive progress. There are four strands to the work:

  1. Research in the Records Office where the 1963 Rentokil report makes grim reading with the Mansion overwhelmed with extensive dry rot, death watch and furniture beetles. It’s a miracle it has survived at all.
  2. Visits and contacts with a range of mansions elsewhere – Delapre Abbey in Northampton, Middleton Hall, Athelhampton House, Oldway Mansion in Paignton, Woodchester and New Lanark. All very different but with all providing relevant lessons.
  3. Ongoing contacts and collaboration with individuals and organisations in the Bristol area, notably Bristol City Council and Historic England.
  4. Understanding the Mansion itself with every visit bringing new insights and new discoveries.

We plan an early Civic Society meeting in order to provide information about the emerging vision and the next steps in this initiative.

For more information contact Simon Birch.

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