Blue Plaques

Blue Plaques commemorate individuals who lived or worked at a specific location with a blue-coloured wall plaque giving some basic information about them and stating their connection with the site. They can also honour organisations which have made a collective, rather than an individual, contribution. The Scheme recognises past residents who lived for at least some time within Bristol’s boundaries, and who have made important contributions to Bristol and/or the wider world.

The plaques increase awareness among both Bristolians and visitors about these people. Plaques can celebrate figures who are well-known, but can also draw public attention to people whose contributions may have been overlooked, as well as to aspects of our history that are less widely known. They can also honour a building where a significant event took place. Plaques can also provide a sense of recognition and inclusion, appeal to people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and add character and pride to a neighbourhood. 

Since 2015 the Bristol Blue Plaques Scheme has been administered by the Blue Plaques Panel of the Bristol Civic Society. It is similar to the scheme which was formerly run by the Bristol City Council. The Civic Society cannot consider applications for plaques outside the city and county boundary.

Blue Plaques issued by Bristol Civic Society

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