Western Harbour: April 2022 update

The City Council has produced a draft Vision for Western Harbour following an extensive consultation exercise towards the end of last year. The closing date for feedback was 22nd April and this is the Civic Society’s response (PDF).

The next stage is for the Council’s Cabinet to consider the draft Vision and the consultation responses and to decide whether or not to adopt the Vision in order to guide the more detailed master planning process due later this year. The Cabinet is due to meet in June.

I’ve now taken over as Chair of the Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group which gives me a seat on the Western Harbour Advisory Group. This means more meetings to attend but also gives us early warning of what is being proposed so that we can be very well prepared.

Simon Birch

1 thought on “Western Harbour: April 2022 update”

  1. I agree with your response: the draft ‘vision’ such as it is,is so vague as to be pointless. No mention of any proposed road system, endless apartments built which will be hugely unaffordable for most, destruction of wild habitat, ruination of historic sites like Underfall yard , the danger still posed to both Riverside garden centre and Greville Smythe park. I went to the consultation but it was obviously a tick box excercise; they make no mention of course to the number of people opposed to the plan. So glad you are involved. Thank you

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