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If you care about Bristol, if you are interested in what is going on in the city and if you want to help us influence how Bristol develops, do join.

We offer a range of membership options, for people and for organisations and you can join online using the options below.

* Please note that joint membership means 2 people living at same address.

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Why other members joined

  • I was first drawn to the Society’s work by reading about the walks on offer. Then, by reading more about your work, it touched on my interest in Bristol’s history and what is going on as well as what is being proposed/planned. How the city will develop will be of great interest to me, for maintaining the character and uniqueness of the city seems very important. The Better Bristol magazine confirmed my initial impression. Quite fascinating.
  • My own background has been in social work, retiring a few years ago. I have been a trustee of several charities in Bristol and currently organise a volunteer programme. I am not sure how I would like to participate in the work of the society. For the time being, following what you do, perhaps attending a few events/walks will be a start.
  • What prompted me to join? Well, I am Bristolian, and I love my home city. I have moved away twice in the past, but always come back. Being a member of BCS offers an opportunity to learn more about the history of Bristol, its possible future, and to have the stimulation of some social interaction with others.
  • I was prompted to join by my friend. I’ve been meaning to join for a while, after hearing about what you do. Another factor: I’ve recently moved to the Hengrove/Whitchurch area, and I’m keen to find out and record what assets there still are in the area. I was very interested in your recent events. In my day job I teach civil engineering (mainly water and environmental engineering) at the University of Bristol – so I’m also interested in development in Bristol from that perspective.
  • I am actually a Bristolian, brought up in Brislington, who left to go to Manchester University in 1968 and have now returned to be near grandchildren. I signed up for your email alerts to see what was going on. As the content seemed really interesting, I decided to join and look forward to getting involved.
  • We have returned to the same house we lived in the ‘80s when I was working at the Arnolfini. I came across the Civic Society in Wakefield where I was for 26 years. While we were doing up our Bristol house, we stayed with my wife’s cousins, who gave us your excellent magazines to read.
  • The zoo development is of interest/concern to the GP Practice and spurred me into action to join up as a corporate member. I am really looking forward to being part of the Civic Society on a personal level too, having done lots of walking round Bristol with my sister and friends over the last 18 months and learning more about the city.
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