About us

Who are we?

Bristol Civic Society is an independent, voluntary organisation that exists to improve Bristol’s built environment and celebrate its heritage. Through our working groups, we seek to influence development of major sites  and improve transport and place-making. New group members are always welcome. Find out more on our volunteer page.  We put on a varied events programme, and publish a biannual magazine Better Bristol, ebulletins and this website. We are an active and friendly organisation with over 600 members.

We have existed as a society for over 100 years and are proud of our many achievements.

Why do we care about Bristol?

Bristol has distinctive features that make it special to us: for instance, its waterways, harbour, green spaces, hills, position, maritime history, industrial history, and the buildings, streets, spaces, and architectural design that history has left us. We wish Bristol to live up to its status as a regional capital, reflected in its cityscape, cultural activities and economic life, to be a place its citizens are proud of, and a place that people want to visit, especially through its buildings, facilities and public spaces. We are for blending the new with the old: to recognise Bristol’s assets and to implement change through good planning and design. We want to add to the beauty, character and diversity of the city, and to revitalise areas and improve the quality of life for all across the city. We do what we do because we care about the city we live in. We campaign in order to influence how Bristol develops.

We put on events and publish information to stimulate interest in what is going on in Bristol, to share our pride in what’s good in Bristol and to encourage people to help us in making it better.

How can I find out more?

Management Team

  • Sandra Fryer, Chair
  • Mike Bates, Secretary
  • John Jones, Treasurer
  • Alex Dunn
  • Sue Ellis
  • Alan Morris
  • Stephen Wickham
  • Graham Egarr
  • Geoff Haslam
  • Josh Nesfield.

Our constitution and manifesto

Use these links to view or download the Bristol Civic Society Constitution (PDF 165KB) and Manifesto (PDF 377KB).

The Society is a registered charity in England and Wales, Charity No. 244414.

Annual General Meeting

Minutes and accounts for 2023 AGM:

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