What we do


Major Sites Group

Our Major Sites Group engages with major building development proposals, mostly in the city centre. The group takes part in the public consultation stage, before the planning application for major schemes.

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Transport & Place-making Group

Our Transport and Place-making Group looks at the future development of transport and public space policy, covering not only movement aspects, but also place-making – the quality of the public realm.

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Campaigns & projects

Campaigns and projects come and go. Take a look at what our current ones are, and contact us to see if there is a group to join or if you just want to keep in touch with progress.

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Potential regeneration projects

The Society is always looking for what it can do to help revitalise parts of Bristol and it can sometimes act to help regenerate sites and buildings which have lain empty for a long time.

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Celebrating and engaging



We run a wide range of events including guided walks, visits to interesting buildings and talks from interesting experts.

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Blue Plaques

Blue Plaques commemorate individuals who lived or worked at a specific location with a blue-coloured wall plaque stating their connection with the site. They can also honour organisations which have made a collective contribution.

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Award schemes

Our Design Awards recognise developments which make a positive contribution to Bristol through excellence of design. The Student Award is presented to a student at the University of the West of England for outstanding work.

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Better Bristol magazine

Better Bristol is the Bristol Civic Society magazine, funded from members’ subscriptions. There are two issues a year: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter.

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