Western Harbour

Bristol Western Harbour heritage assets

In 2021 a Bristol Civic Society working group was set up to identify heritage assets in the Western Harbour development area. This post has a link to their website.

Western Harbour – the road options revisited

The Civic Society’s Transport and Place-Making group has taken a considered look at the road layout options for Western Harbour. Even though roads are not part of the consultation, the road layout is an essential part of the next stage of masterplanning.

Western Harbour: October 2021 update

The City Council has appointed consultants Turner.Works to develop a vision to guide the future of Western Harbour. The Civic Society has been in discussions with the consultants.

Western Harbour

The Society is starting work on a campaign to make sure that the Society’s point of view is heard loud and clear in the forthcoming consultations on the future of Western Harbour.

Western Harbour roads consultation

The Council has published three options to simplify the Cumberland Basin road system which was constructed in an age that championed motorway-style urban road systems. The Society is critical of the current consultation.

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