Bristol Western Harbour heritage assets

In 2021 a Bristol Civic Society working group was set up to identify heritage assets in the Western Harbour development area. Members: Geoff Wallis, Pauline Mousley, Julian Baldwin and John Willis.

The information is presented on a web site which provides a location map, asset images, alternative names, history summary. and links to other information for each asset. The assets are indexed by name, alias, and map location.


There is a lot of useful information on the site but it is a work in progress.

The group is currently reviewing and summarising the source documents and anticipate completing the web site later this year.

John Willis

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  1. Richard Holden

    Regarding Underfall Yard building K, the former stable block (currently occupied by Severnside Sub-Aqua Club and used as a boat store, equipment store, diving gas compressor unit and clubhouse/training room). This falls within the Underfall Yard Trust area, but outside the Scheduled Monument. The building was restored by the diving club in 1999 from its dilapidated state to a condition that befits its role as part of the context to the Scheduled Monument.
    Images of the interior showing original features from its time as a stables building.

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