Western Harbour: October 2021 update

Following the debacle of the consultation on the proposed road schemes (held in late 2019 and early 2020), the City Council has now appointed consultants to develop a vision to guide the future of Western Harbour.

A Bristol Civic Society group met the Council’s consultants on 22nd September and walked around the area. Use these links for our detailed presentation to the team and our subsequent follow up.

After our meeting, Carl Turner (of lead consultants Turner.Works) emailed as follows:

We actually wanted to ask a favour of the Society; wondering if you would be happy to give a tour (or tours) around the basin and environs as part of a visioning day for the general public towards the end of November … probably a Saturday. It was great to hear from the society and we think others would too. It would be part of a whole day of events playing back initial findings (of the many creative events that are ongoing at the moment) and working through an emerging vision. We would look to be based local to Cumberland Basin for the day. One would be great, two even better.

We responded positively but asked about the relationship between the current ‘visioning’ exercise and road proposals in Western Harbour. This was the reply:

Just to clarify regarding the road network and travel issues / future thinking, our team is carrying out creative consultation around a vision for the Western Harbour area. Specific issues such as road solutions will be picked up once the masterplan team are appointed. Clearly people are feeding back concerns and hopes about the future of transport in the area, and we will feed this information to the masterplan team who will have to tackle these difficult often competing priorities, factoring in thinking about whether there will be more or less future traffic, electric vehicles, driverless cars etc.

This seems a rather strange way of proceeding! Surely roads are key. We are following this issue up with a direct approach to the City Council voicing our concerns.

Simon Birch

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