Joint Local Transport Plan

The JLTP was out to consultation in February/March 2019. It covers similar ground to the recently consulted Bristol Transport Strategy, but covering the wider West of England area.

The JLTP is divided into four sections:

  • Connectivity beyond the West of England
  • Connectivity within the West of England
  • Local Connectivity
  • Neighbourhood connectivity

The BCS response simply endorsed the response of the Sustainable Transport Network. A selection of points made in the STN response are:

  • The JLTP is more of a strategy than a plan in that it has a long list of initiatives, but no prioritised list of projects.
  • The JLTP is excessively weighted towards mitigating the impacts of the development locations chosen in the Joint Spatial Plan.
  • We would like the plan to set out governance arrangements and proposals for how WECA intends to oversee delivery of the plan.
  • Whilst the efficient movement of people is discussed in the document, there are no specific plans to consider how it might be achieved.
  • We consider that the climate change challenge has been given insufficient weighting in the document.
  • While technology should be embraced where it is effective, not all technology is helpful.
  • The plan and the associated expenditure seem dominated by big schemes.
  • We would like to see more emphasis on demand management measures.
  • There should be more emphasis on place-making at a local and neighbourhood level.

Alan Morris

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