Cumberland Road bus gate

Bristol City Council has made a proposal to install a bus gate on Cumberland Road, historically a through-route for eastbound (inbound) traffic. A bus gate would permit it to be used by just buses, taxis and cycles. The stated objectives are to reduce delays to buses, particularly at the Bedminster Bridge junction, prioritising public transport over private vehicles, and to improve air quality.

The Society has submitted a response. We support the policy of prioritizing public transport, but in this location, unless evidence of bus delays can be provided, it feels difficult to argue for a bus gate at this time. We have proposed an alternative measure which may help free bus flows.

Turning to two other possible reasons for change, the strategic case for restricting private vehicles here is not overwhelming; and the evidence that air pollution will improve as a result of the proposed scheme is not clear.

Alan Morris

Full Civic Society response.




2 thoughts on “Cumberland Road bus gate”

  1. I live in Bathurst Parade and I can drive to the SS Great Britain in Gas Ferry Road and return on the same route. If the new proposals were introduced , I would still be able to drive to Gas Ferry Road but my return journey would be to continue along Cumberland Road , go over the bridge to Coronation Road and drive to Bedminster roundabout and exit onto Commercial Road and then to Wapping Road. This would mean that my return journey would be 3 miles longer and on congested roads causing more pollution.
    Also if I wanted to come from the Portway to my home , I would have to either go along Hotwells Road towards the city centre or along Coronation Road which again would take much longer and on congested roads particularly at peak times .The same is true if I wish to go to and from Clifton Village . I vehemently oppose what is proposed particularly as so few buses have routes along Cumberland Road.

  2. Marjorie Bates

    How would it lessen air pollution when the traffic is doubled along Coronation Road?
    Think of the poor people living in this road who would suffer from the increased stop and start traffic. Getting in and out of their drives would be a nightmare,

    All this proposal is doing is transferring air pollution and increased traffic pollution to other areas. I suggest a major rethink.

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