A4 Portway scheme

Bristol Civic Society has responded to the second round of consultation on the A4 strategic corridor scheme. The outline proposals include an outbound bus lane, whilst retaining a shared-use path for cyclists and pedestrians, albeit wider than currently. We are not convinced of the need for an outbound bus lane, and the lane could be used for a two-way segregated cycleway. This would benefit both cyclists and pedestrians. Our view is that cycle paths should be physically segregated to facilitate cycle journeys and reduce pedestrian/cyclist interactions

We have commented that we think that there should be data and information accompanying the consultation which would allow consultees to come to an informed view on the pros and cons of the proposals. This information could include the consequences for people, the environment and travel choices, and even the overall carbon saving of the scheme. This comment applies to all transport scheme consultations.

Alan Morris


Full response.

2 thoughts on “A4 Portway scheme”

  1. Like many proposals put forward by our ridiculous Council, an outward bus lane is just plain stupid; not needed a d will cause huge backlogs further back into the city causing yet more pollution

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