Bedminster Green River Restoration and Transport consultation

The Society has responded to a Bristol City Council consultation on plans to improve local transport, and restore the River Malago, in the Bedminster Green Development area.

We are enthusiastic about proposals to restore the River Malago, which will make the open space more attractive. We feel that the flow should be increased, which should be possible using existing facilities.

We think it imperative that a robust funded plan is established for the ongoing maintenance of the restored section of the Malago.

The allocation of public space is small in comparison with the large buildings being developed here, but we welcome the soft landscaping proposed on Malago Road. We hope that the cycleways and paved public spaces will use high-quality materials such as York and pennant stone, with granite kerbs and setts.

Bedminster Station is well-placed to become a transport hub for the Bedminster area, but we recognise that to make the station more accessible from Bedminster Green may be expensive. We suggest that since the station will need to be made access-compliant at some point, the adjoining plot of land between the station and Whitehouse Lane should be reserved, perhaps with a ‘meanwhile’ transport-related use, until funds can be found.

Tim Weekes

Full Civic Society response.


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  1. Jim Harkins Consultant Light Rail (UK) Ltd 0772137822

    we have recently completed a light rail study and Line 3 has a stop planned in Malago Street nr the bus stop


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