Video of Zoom event: social housing: 10th April 2024

Event notice

The simple system of local authority ‘council housing’ has been replaced by a rather confusing (to the layman) pattern of different types of housing ownership and structures.

The housing market is ever-changing, national and local government budgets are restricted, and the shortage of affordable properties in Bristol and surrounding areas is creating an impossibly high demand for secure housing. The problem is a large one.

Social housing is not free to tenants but is more affordable than housing on the open market. It seeks to support vulnerable people such as the elderly, those with disabilities or those on low or no income, who can’t afford to rent or buy a home privately.

Our speaker, Paul Smith, will explain what social housing is, the different types, how they work and for whom, and how Elim Housing Association is engaged in tackling the housing problem.

Paul Smith is the chief executive of the Elim Housing Association, a charitable registered social landlord that owns and manages around 900 houses in the Bristol area and beyond. He has worked in housing for over 30 years, holding senior level roles in two housing associations and prior to joining Elim was cabinet member for housing at Bristol City Council so he has first hand experience of Bristol’s housing challenges.

Bristol Civic Society members will be invited by email to join the event.

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