Video of the management of our bus services: 18th October 2023

Event notice

A Zoom talk starting at 7:30pm by Graham Parkhurst, Professor of Sustainable Mobility and Director of the Centre for Transport and Society at the University of the West of England.

Under government-mandated ‘Bus Service Improvement Plans’, transport authorities are assuming more control over bus services in their areas, either through Enhanced Strategic Partnerships with operators, or so-called ‘franchising’. WECA has gone for an enhanced partnership, but numerous voices have been urging it to adopt the franchising system, under which it would have complete control but also funding responsibility

Professor Graham Parkhurst and his team have been carrying out research for the Department for Transport on how Bus Service Improvement Plans are being implemented across the country, and he will share the results with us, which may throw some light on the pros and cons of the two approaches.

Members will be invited by email to reserve places, a few weeks before the event.

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