Survey of members

The Bristol Civic Society surveyed its members in June this year. Of a membership of 577, 140 responded, a very encouraging response rate.

The survey’s organiser, Matthew Montagu-Pollock summarises the standout results as follows:

  • Our talks have been very popular during lockdown. We’ll build on this and bring you further informative, controversial, and educational talks. Enjoy!
  • A substantial minority of you want bolder responses to the current flood of developments – and more forceful PR.
  • You want suggestions for solutions to the housing crisis.
  • You want to prevent our parks being built over.
  • You want us to challenge tall buildings.
  • You want us to help preserve the city’s historical buildings.
  • You like the idea of an annual Carbuncle Cup!
  • Finally, many of you volunteered to do things, for which a big thank you. We need you!

Use this link for a detailed analysis of the survey results.

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