Zoom event, West Car Park in Clifton: Mon 15th Feb 2021

Bristol Zoo – plans for the West Car Park in Clifton

The Civic Society has arranged a briefing for its members about the development proposals for the West Car Park – the detached car parking area. This will be the first area to be developed, generating funds for the planned move of the Zoo.

This Zoom briefing will be on Monday 15th February at 6.00 pm. It will be led by Dr Justin Morris, Chief Executive, Bristol Zoological Society with input from consultants.

The meeting will cover the draft development proposals and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. The total briefing will last a maximum of one hour.

To be clear this meeting will NOT cover plans for the main Zoo site! That’s for the future.

Members will be sent the Zoom link for the meeting.

Simon Birch

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