Ashton Court Mansion

Ashton Court Mansion – Launch Event

An event to describe the Civic Society’s new initiative concerning Ashton Court Mansion and to give members an opportunity to express their views.

Ashton Court: August 2023 update

The City Council has responded positively to our offer to take the lead on finding a long-term solution to Ashton Court Mansion.

Ashton Court: October 2021 update

The next stage in the ongoing work by The Prince’s Foundation is for the Foundation to spend the next 2 to 3 months doing a go/no go report and business case. 

Ashton Court: March 2021 update

From this Spring, The Prince’s Foundation will lead a community consultation on the future of Ashton Court Mansion, bringing together groups with an active interest in the building as well a wider network of community organisations.

Ashton Court Mansion: November 2020 update

Bristol City Council has decided to establish a Partnership Board in order to identify a vision for the future and to work out how best to take forward implementation of that vision. Ashton Court Mansion will remain part of the City Council.

Ashton Court Mansion: August 2019 update

Bristol City Council has acted very quickly on receipt of the report from Purcell. The City Council will be appointing agents and marketing the Mansion for disposal on a long lease, probably 99 or 125 years.

Ashton Court Mansion – a project for the people

The only feasible solution for Ashton Court is the creation of a “not for profit” organisation, such as a charitable trust or social enterprise. Such an organisation would assume responsibility for the management of the Mansion, providing long-term focus and vision.

Update October 2018

The Purcell Study investigating options for the Ashton Court Mansion is nearly finished. We understand that an initial draft has been delivered to the City Council and comments and feedback are awaited.

Update January 2018

On Friday 24th November 2017 we held the initial meeting at Ashton Court Mansion. Over 100 attended and the overall impression was of energy and enthusiasm. All present wanted to breathe new life into the Mansion and to give it a secure future.

The Current Campaign

Simon Birch, Chair of the Society, explains the story of Bristol Civic Society involvement in Ashton Court Mansion from 2017

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