Silverthorne Lane: Feb 2020 update

Land between Silverthorne Lane and the Feeder Canal

There have been further revisions to this massive scheme. The principle changes relate to the reinstatement of two of the former ironworks buildings whose surviving walls frame the south side of Silverthorne Lane. The reconstructed buildings will have a new commercial use. The Society supports their imaginative and attractive designs and surrounding.

The image shows the view of the proposed residential accommodation on the north bank of the Feeder Canal. Unfortunately, the Society cannot support the height and mass of this aspect of the proposal. These big blocks cut across the historic linear grain of the site. The short elevations of these ‘finger blocks’ face the canal and give the impression that the retained canalside wall is a conservation token. The creation of a continuous public path alongside the canal on the north of the historic wall will be a major planning gain.

John Frenkel

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