Plot 1 Malago Road: March update

Bristol Civic Society has objected strongly to this application as it has to previous iterations. Our two principal objections relate to the adverse impact of the design, particularly the height and massing of the proposal, on the character of the area and to the amount of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). We are saddened and frustrated that the direction of travel of the revisions to the scheme exacerbate rather than address our concerns. The proposal is increasing in height at the western end of Malago Road where the predominant height of buildings is two to three storeys. Not only is this out of character with the surroundings but the increased height will increase the extent to which the proposal would overbear and overshadow the buildings opposite.

The quantum of student accommodation is growing. Students are a transient community, however, whose contributions to local businesses will not be consistent but related mainly to term times for 30 or so weeks a year. It is the Society’s wish that this application be refused but, should it be permitted, the proposals should, at the very least, allow for conversion to family accommodation or larger units were the demand for PBSA to falter. Adaptability should be part of the consideration of this application to ensure that it would comply with the Council’s sustainability policies in the Local Plan.

Full Civic Society response.

John Payne


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