Alan Morris

A4 Portway scheme

Bristol Civic Society has responded to the second round of consultation on the A4 strategic corridor scheme.

Sussex Street

The Civic Society supports the submission made by the Old Market Community Association for the Premier Business Park, Sussex Street, Bristol.

Premier Inn redevelopment

We have strongly objected to the planning application for the redevelopment of the Premier Inn, The Haymarket, which is now with Bristol City Council.

Three Six Zero, Marlborough Street

We broadly welcome proposals for Three Six Zero, Marlborough Street, including the change of use from office use to student accommodation.

Rupert Street car park: June 2023 update

The proposals for this site would add to the ever-increasing accumulation of tall buildings in the city which is eroding Bristol’s very special urban character.

Temple Island

Bristol Civic Society was disappointed with the proposals for this important site. We cannot support the preapplication plans as they stand.

Raleigh Road

We broadly welcomed the latest proposals for the Raleigh Road development, liking the scale, design and type of houses proposed.

Premier Inn, Haymarket

The Society has objected to the proposal to demolish the Premier Inn and to replace it with two residential towers, the highest reaching to 28 storeys.

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