122 Bath Road – Update March 2022

A revised application has been received by the Council for this site. Bristol Civic Society objected to the earlier proposals in this application for 54 flats in a nine storey building on the following grounds:

  • The nine storey slab was wholly inappropriate for the area and would destroy the setting of the Grade II listed Thunderbolt pub.
  • It would harm views particularly towards the Totterdown escarpment with its characteristic steeply sloping terraces and trees.
  • It would overshadow houses to its south and possibly block evening sun reaching the Thunderbolt garden.
  • The predominantly grey colouring of the slab abutting the pavement would be a negative intrusion in the area.
  • Balconies and roof terraces would not alleviate poor living conditions which would be adversely affected by the noise and pollution from Bath Road.

The revised application is for 32 apartments in a five-storey building.

The Society has maintained its objection to the proposed development. Although the revised proposals are an improvement in terms of their height and design, the Society still has major concerns about the impact the building would have on the neighbourhood and, because of limited amenity space and the noise and pollution from the heavy traffic on Bath Road, the potential living conditions. The development should not exceed four storeys and, because of the use of dark materials, the proposed fifth storey would have a considerable impact on the street scene. We commend, however, the proposed low energy heating system and windows that open. Overall, though, the Society cannot support the revised application.

John Payne

Original Civic Society review.


2 thoughts on “122 Bath Road – Update March 2022”

  1. This section of the Bath Road is rapidly being built up to form a new urban canyon, no doubt to the delight of the City Council.

  2. The Castle Park proposed development is terrible and must be stopped at all costs. The comments against the building have already been recorded by the Civic Society so do not need repeating. The other two schemes are not as bad as Castle Park but do need a lot of re-thinking.

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