122 Bath Road

It is proposed to redevelop the existing car wash and car sales site at 122 Bath Road to provide 54 1 and 2 bed flats, in blocks up to 9 storeys high. The site is near the in-development former Esso site over the road, and beyond that Paintworks. The former is used to help justify the height of the proposed development.

Bristol Civic Society strongly objects to this proposal. The Society considers that the following aspects of the proposal would be particularly harmful:

  • Scale and Massing. A 9 storey slab is wholly inappropriate for this site. It is out of character with the surrounding dwellings.
  • Impact on street scene and views. The coloured terraces tumbling down the escarpment and the wooded areas to the east and are important views from further north in the city. They must be preserved.
  • Overlooking and Overshadowing. The proposed building would be overbearing on the houses immediately to its south and overshadow them.
  • Design. Far from uplifting the area, the sombre grey tones of this eight storey slab abutting the pavement would be a negative intrusion in the area.
  • Living Conditions. Although roof terraces and balconies are provided, its location adjacent to the busy and frequently congested Bath Road would make the use of these facilities unpleasant for considerable periods during the day due to the noise and pollution coming from the road.

Full Civic Society response.

John Payne

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