Visitors enjoy lunch with BCS members

Visit of the Salisbury Civic Society

Members of Salisbury Civic Society paid a return visit to Bristol following the Bristol Civic Society visit to Salisbury last year. The SCS party was led by Dame Rosemary Spencer DCMG President of Salisbury Civic Society and accompanied through the visit by members of Bristol Civic Society including Chair Simon Birch. They were treated to tours of the Historic City Centre by Eugene Byrne and of the Harbour by Ed Hall and Richard Guise. An excellent lunch was had at the Pump House as illustrated where a number of other BCS members joined them.

The tourist travelled by train from Salisbury and used the excellent Bristol Ferries  to take them between their engagements.

Bristol Civic Society are grateful to Neil Beagrie of SCS, Eugene, Ed and Richard of BCS for their help in making this visit a success.

Alex Dunn

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