Vassall Centre, Fishponds – response to second iteration

Height, Massing, Design

The Society notes that some of the buildings on Gill Avenue have been pulled back from the perimeter of the site and that two of the buildings have the third storey stepped back. We consider that the relationship with the houses opposite would be further improved if all the buildings to Gill Avenue were redesigned in this way. A lighter material for the top storey would also diminish its impact. We prefer the revised layout of the family housing.

Proposed Uses

We have no additional comments on the proposed uses.

Public Realm

We support the concept of the landscaping plan and initial visualisations.

Access and Parking

The society awaits the report of the accessibility consultants before commenting further on these aspects.

Climate Change and Energy Considerations

We have nothing to add to our earlier comments at this stage.

John Payne

Civic Society review of initial proposals.


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