The Arc, Millennium Square

We The Curious propose to develop a moving observation capsule beside the listed, former Cannons Marsh railway goods shed. The structure would consist of a pylon in the north east corner of Millennium Square that would support the mast and observation capsule.

The capsule would look like a London Eye flight cabin. It will hold 42 passengers who would enter from a departure lounge in the We The Curious science museum. Once loaded, the capsule would take 2 minutes to reach its ‘flying height’ and then move through a full circle. The ‘flight’ would take 20 minutes. Passengers would have an eye level view 69 metres above the Square; they would have unparalleled views of the Harbour and beyond.

The promoters believe that the Arc will attract 250,000 passengers a year. The Society supports this initiative, but we have asked to be reassured that the mast of the Arc will be compatible with and not harm the important views of the Cathedral and the Cathedral School and Deanery which overlook the site from the north.

John Frenkel

The Civic Society’s full response.


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  1. Geraldine Nicholls

    I can’t believe that this will not obstruct the view of the Cathedral and is yet another attempt to turn millennium square into a
    Mini Disney land location. This type of development is given permission because it references science. I do not believe it has anything to do with scientific discovery. It is yet another commercial, money making venture. I am a local resident and am completely against it.

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