Temple Quay North

temple-quay-1Site ND7 Temple Quay North, Avon Street – the Society’s response to the developers pre-planning application presentation.

The Society welcomes development of flats on the upper floors, which would increase the residential population of the city centre. The ground floor use should be as flexible as possible. This area is undergoing a large population inflow. There is a dearth of public amenities. For example, there must be provision for doctors’ and dental surgeries, crèches and nurseries and, for apartment living residents, opportunities to exercise.

Except for Harratz Place, there is a striking lack of retail or leisure offer in the area. Local residents’ associations say that they would welcome a multiple convenience retailer. The Society would support a more architecturally innovative design. The Society regrets that the design adds nothing interesting to the skyline. The Society welcomes the roof garden in principle but it must be more than a wind swept platform. There appears to be an opportunity for a solar array. The Society would cautiously support a proposal to develop the neighbouring plot cooperatively. The proposal of developing the two sites together and closing New Kingsley Road between Avon Street and Old Bread Street offers a lot of potential.


This application now has planning permission.

Bristol Civic Society’s full statement [PDF, 280KB] Right-click to download, click to view.

John Frenkel

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