Stokes Croft update

Three sites in the Stokes Croft area.

This is a very large redevelopment area, consisting of three development sites.

  • The image shows  7-29 Wilder Street – 1-3 Backfields, coloured red. The diagonal street bottom right to top left is Backfields.
  • The triangular site to the left of Backfields is the former Coroner’s Court/Lakota Club site – details of the Civic Society view. The owners plan a residential development. A planning application is pending.
  • 2-16 Stokes Croft, runs from the Full Moon Hotel (bottom right) up Stokes Croft.  The developer has shared some proposals and the Society has commented. The proposals and comments will be posted on this site as soon as the developer is ready to go public.

The first site is owned by Watkins and Jones who are student accommodation specialists. They propose to demolish the site to and build 348 bed-spaces of student accommodation with ground floor employment space. The development would retain and refurbish a listed building at 25 Wilder Street. The site is car parks and low value industrial buildings.

The Society strongly supports redevelopment of this site but could not support the proposal. Redevelopment would provide only token employment space. There is a student residential monoculture between Lower Maudlin Street and Dighton Street. This concentration inhibits the establishment of a stable resident population. Planning must balance the citywide need for student accommodation with competing local needs for more commercial space and housing. The Planning Committee refused planning permission for those reasons.

John Frenkel

Original Society review of the Wilder Street site and full comments.

Update February 2019: The Council has now granted the scheme full planning permission.


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