St Catherine’s Place: November 2020 update

20/04934/P St Catherine’s Place East Street Bedminster Bristol

The Society generally welcomes this revised scheme which provides a range of benefits to the local area.

This is a complex proposal, a retail and residential led regeneration scheme which will be implemented on a phased basis. The Society had the benefit of a presentation from the development team which greatly aided its assessment of the proposals.

The proposed improvements to Mill Lane will make a significant difference to accessibility between Dalby Avenue, Bedminster Green and East Street. The Society welcomes these proposals. The improved pedestrian route through St Catherine’s Place will also deliver a significant improvement, with new residential accommodation providing a degree of surveillance.

Overall, the Society welcomes the approach adopted by the developer and considers it a significant improvement on the previous application, which was refused planning permission earlier this year.

Simon Birch

Bristol Civic Society’s full response (PDF).

Previous Civic Society review, dated January 2019


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