Redcliffe Wharf: August 2019 Update

July 2019 saw a new planning application to add another floor to the building immediately in front of the Redcliffe Parade car park. The Society has supported this development through its many revisions over many years, but we object to this application.

We support the Redcliffe West Residents’ objection that the extra floor would harm the historic view of Redcliffe Parade from across the Harbour. The view from across the Harbour of Redcliffe Parade with St. Mary Redcliffe in the background is synonymous with the city and is the subject of many paintings. Nothing should be done to harm the view of the historically important parade. There is little residential Georgian architecture in the city centre, the views of what there is must be preserved. The sweeping views of the city from the Redcliffe Parade car park would largely be lost if the height of building F was raised. This view is enjoyed not just by residents but also by visitors walking the tourist trail. The city must preserve important vistas such as this to preserve and increase the city’s appeal.

John Frenkel

The Civic Society’s original review.


3 thoughts on “Redcliffe Wharf: August 2019 Update”

  1. Cynthia Palmer

    As a local resident I totally agree with John Frenkel that it would be a great loss to lose the present views from the Redcliffe Parade Car Park. There is nowhere else it is possible to obtain this magnificent and historic view. The amendment to the planning permission should not be allowed to go ahead.

  2. Caroline New (Dr)

    I completely support the objections to this opportunist and greedy proposal. Let’s stop civic vandalism, of which Bristol has had more than its share, and safeguard our important Georgian heritage which belongs to all of us, not only to the residents. Development which impedes the view of Redcliffe Parade should not be permitted.

  3. the view of redcliffe parade from the docks and the view of the docks towards bristol bridge from the redcliffe parade car park are both utterly superb and iconic. they should be preserved at all costs. this is just developers being greedy thanks to marvin’s ridiculous desire for high rise developments.

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