Premier Inn, Haymarket

The Society has objected to the proposal to demolish the Premier Inn and to replace it with two residential towers, the highest reaching to 28 storeys.

We challenged the demolition, much preferring to see retention and reuse of existing buildings whenever possible.

We objected to the excessive height of the replacement buildings and to the elevational treatment.

Simon Birch


Civic Society full response.


3 thoughts on “Premier Inn, Haymarket”

  1. We don’t need high-rise accommodation anymore towns should be demolishing these type of buildings

  2. The current building hasn’t aged well, reusing the structure would be ideal, but not necessarily possible. The additional height is another 8 storeys, so not excessive or negative, there’s no rationale on why you object. We need more homes and to protect the green belt, higher buildings in the right place such as this makes sense. If developers want to invest and people want to live in these proposals what’s the issue?

  3. The proposed 28 storey building in the Haymarket is far too high for this location and probably too high for any other site in the city centre. It is a great pity that mayor Marvin Reece abolished the seven storey limit on buildings in Bristol city centre. We must prevent the “canyon” effect developing in any more areas of Bristol because it is just not that kind of city.

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