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Parkview Office Campus, Whitchurch Lane

The Society supports the redevelopment of this site which was originally built as the HQ building for the former Somerfield Supermarkets. The rectangular offices courts are at the image’s upper left. The buildings have long been empty. The site lies on the city’s edge, next to greenfield land. Caridon Developments are currently remodelling and converting the former offices to create 629 flats.

When in use, the offices were surrounded by a tarmac sea of car parking. The developers wish to extend the development to build on some of the former car park. The proposed new buildings appear in the centre of the image. Whitchurch Lane runs around the bottom of the site. The scheme proposes 7 new buildings between 3 to 5 floors tall which could produce just over 200 flats with retail/community space in one of the buildings. The residential accommodation would be a mixture of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats with 32% being ‘affordable’.

The site is suitable for large-scale development. Within a short distance there is a leisure centre, hospital, schools, colleges and shops. The site is close to the Metrobus route. There are several residential development schemes in progress or planned for the Hartcliffe area. The Society’s concern is the difficult balance to be decided between the area given to hard landscaping, which car parking will sterilise, and soft landscaped amenity space. With the very large new residential population there is a demand for both purposes.

John Frenkel

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3 thoughts on “Parkview Office Campus, Whitchurch Lane”

  1. What about the impact on Doctors surges, dentists, schools. What about traffic congestion. You are building thousands of dwelling in the Whitchurch area lately, what about carbon monoxide emissions. You are taking so much green spaces from Whitchurch. Trees cut down, which help with pollution. I really do despair, I settled in Whitchurch as it was an open green space area. Soon it will be like living in a town.

  2. I know we need more housing but we also need the facilities to cope with the extra residents
    Doctors it bad enough now trying to get a appointment
    Schools / better Lea sure facility for all ages not just the Young the older residents don’t like large facilities open the small swimming pools . More shops and also more police presence as the youth are getting out of control and finally a recycling centre as we were promised nearly forgot a post office ours has closed

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