One Temple Way

One Temple Way, Redcliff, Bristol BS2 0BY

The Civic Society welcomes the proposed refurbishment and repurposing of One Temple Way. The property represents an important part of Bristol’s recent industrial history and we are supportive of the plans to retain the character of the existing building and to create sustainable and modern accommodation.

We support the changes to the ground floor which will make the building much more welcoming to the visitor and passer-by. The additional floors retain the layered and indented form of the existing building and the use of lighter material in their construction will reduce their visual impact in longer views. We understand and support. the advantages of inserting a central lightwell.

There will also be positive improvements to the public realm. We would add that we consider that major improvements to the existing underpass are critical to the ultimate success of any public realm improvements. These should be implemented in tandem with works to One Temple Way.

Simon Birch


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