Mead Street guiding principles

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Mead Street lies just south of the River Avon, below the Totterdown escarpment, and is bounded by the A4 Bath Road, York Road and the main railway line from Temple Meads Station to the south-west. This industrial street’s most famous residents are Fowlers Motorcycle emporium at the east end and Bart Spices at the west (now moved to Avonmouth). The street is part of the Temple Quarter Regeneration.

Bristol City Council’s “emerging vision for Mead Street is to create a flourishing urban neighbourhood with a mix of new homes and workspaces” containing a central green space and providing improved links for walking and cycling. General plans showing the Principles & Concepts and Constraints & Opportunities, plus the Guiding Principles for the development, could be seen online by working through a survey accessed here. However, this survey closed on 7 Jan 2022 and the information is no longer visible.

The Civic Society supports the Guiding Principles and general aspects of the proposals but has concerns as to whether the site is appropriate for high density residential buildings, due to its proximity to a busy road and railway line, and the impact of high buildings on iconic Bristol views. Only when more details of the development are made available will the Society be able to say whether it approves or objects to this scheme.

More details of the Society’s response.

Kerry Chester


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  1. The guiding principles for this area should be to preserve views of the iconic row of coloured houses atop the escarpment. This development and the former Bart Spices towerblocks proposed trash that idea and obscure the views. Please object on the council planning website.

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