Little Paradise, Bedminster

The site lies between East Street and the Malago Road. The Society welcomes the Dandara Group’s proposal to demolish and redevelop buildings that do not contribute to the vitality and appearance the area, but it regrets that it cannot support the current scheme. If the developer satisfies the Council that the loss of employment space would not harm the local economy the Society supports the principle of mixed use redevelopment of the site.

Bedminster is an important local centre and is well placed to attract high quality development to create a more sustainable local centre. The proposal is to build 340 one and two-bedroom flats. Other developers control other parcels of land and will soon propose several more major flat developments. This is a massive piece of urbanisation that would transform Bedminster town centre. It is essential to have a clear urban design from all the developers, how their developments would integrate with Bedminster. How would an 18-floor tower affect the surrounding area of 2 – 4-storey buildings? How would the development of all the sites relate to each other and to the wider town? How would the combined developments meet the community’s housing needs?

The combined sites are huge; the public interest requires an overall framework to enable an overview of the integration of the development within the city. There must be a public/private partnership. The developers must produce an analysis of the East Bedminster character area with an assessment of how a mono-culture of small flats would meet local housing need together with an assessment of the capacity of local schools and medical services etc. to cope with the influx of this number of new residents.

Bristol Civic Society’s full response  [PDF]

John Frenkel

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