Caravan Club Site, Cumberland Road

The site is currently the location of the Baltic Wharf Caravan Club and stands between the Baltic Wharf Estate and the Cottage Inn; it reaches from the Cumberland Road to the Harbour. Goram Homes, (the Developer) is a housing company founded by Bristol City Council. The proposal would deliver 165 flats in blocks that range in height from 3-storeys on the Baltic Wharf boundary, to 7-floors in the centre of the site.

Broadly, the Society supports the development but is concerned that the tall harbour-facing elevations could harm the character of the waterfront. Lower harbour-facing buildings would shield the step-up to taller buildings in the centre of the site and would lessen the impact on the locally listed Cottage Inn and the boat shed. The neighbouring buildings contribute to the character of the Harbour Conservation Area, an important heritage and leisure asset and a popular visitor attraction.

John Frenkel

Full Civic Society response.


5 thoughts on “Caravan Club Site, Cumberland Road”

  1. Simon Burbidge

    This looks like a horrible, over dense development , purely for money and not good housing.
    In addition it is not is keeping with the surroundings and the blocks are much too tall.
    This is a small site and should be treated as such and development be in character and sympathy with the surroundings.

  2. Anthony Hopton

    Yet another money making scheme by an over zealous developer at the expense of much needed visitor attraction to our city. Not many cities have such a facility for caravan visitors, almost in the centre of the city. No, I’m not a caravan user!

  3. Alasdair Ferguson

    The caravan site is a prime area for development and the introduction of homes is broadly what the city needs – waterside properties will fetch a premium and affordable houses can fill in towards the road. Would like to have seen smaller blocks height and width with more generous public realm between the blocks creating amenity for the public in an area of land that was previously inaccessible.

  4. Why take away exactly what the wider city needs. We get a packed caravan sites worth of visitors to our currently beautiful city centre. Fill it with flats houses cars and we lose it for ever. Please councillors and developers see more than a quick profit. Bristolians and visitors enjoy walking around the city docks.

  5. Michael Gammond

    All the jokers on here who think that building on green park land is a good idea think again, once the green park and all its trees have gone, the birds and animals go to. Build on land that has no natural life on it.
    Keep our parks for the future.

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