Past achievements

In detail:

Centenary publication

100 years of campaigning for a better Bristol (PDF 1,153KB) by Sasha Lubetkin and Charles Fox, with forward by George Ferguson. Published in 2005.

This is an extract from George Ferguson’s forward:

As we enjoy the history and sights of Bristol it is too easy to forget what might have happened. Without its Civic Society and environmental campaigners, the City of Bristol would be a much poorer and less attractive place. In the darkest days of Bristol’s corporate philistinism – even before the onset of any formal public participation in the planning system – it was left to the leading lights in the Civic Society to bring attention to the threats.

Click to view or download.
Click to view or download.

Early history

The Bristol Kyrle Society (PDF 201KB) by Vincent Waite, published 1965, is a good source of information about our early history.

In summary:

  • 2012 – objected to the the proposed Bus Rapid Transit route through Harbourside. The following year, Mayor Ferguson scraps the route through Harbourside and over Prince Street Bridge.
  • 2006 – founder member with other community organisations of the Neighbourhood Planning Network
  • 2006 – Overturned a very flawed BCC Statement of Community Involvement at the Examination in Public and secured a reasonable replacement
  • 2002-2006 – Deeply involved with the Redcliffe Futures Group in preparation of proposals for the future of Redcliffe (SPD3)
  • 2002 – helped to defeat a particularly insensitive development at the McArthurs Warehouse site close to the SS Great Britain
  • 2000 – prevented really bad proposals for Canons Marsh
  • Mid 1990s – worked with the National and Regional Sports Council and Central Council for Physical Recreation to lobby for and contribute to the Government’s Planning Policy Guidance for Open Space, Sport and Recreation, PPG17.
  • 1992/3 – restoration of the Victoria Rooms Fountains
  • 1990 – Instituted the annual Environmental Awards scheme for newly completed projects
  • 1973 – responded generously to the “Plant a tree in ’73” campaign
  • 1972 – stopped development of proposed Post Office slab block that would have dwarfed the Old Vic and King Street
  • 1971 – defeated at a Public Inquiry a proposal for an 8-story hotel/car park in full view  from the Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • 1969 – prevented proposed infill of a large part of the Floating Harbour and a major inner city circuit road with an interchange on Spike Island
  • Post WWII – Saved Orchard Street, Berkeley Square, Great George Street and Queen Square from the wrecking ball
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