There is always important work that goes on behind the scenes to support our activities. We are always looking for help with this, as it enables us to spread the load and to do more. This may be in support of our campaigns, our working groups, writing and producing communications or administration.

You’ll be working with others, benefiting from their support and friendship. With most roles, you’ll meet with others from time to time. Depending on the nature of the role, you’ll be using your computer at home and communicating by email. With most roles you can carry out the work at any time that suits you best, so it’s easy to fit volunteering around your other commitments.

You may bring specific skills, or you may just bring energy, commitment and common sense.

If you are interested in joining the Major Sites Group, email msg@bristolcivicsociety.org.uk

To join the Transport and Place-making Groupemail tpm@bristolcivicsociety.org.uk.

Or you can support one of our campaigns or projects.

To volunteer in other ways or to get further information, email enquiries@bristolcivicsociety.org.uk.

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