West Car Park at Bristol Zoo

Proposal to develop the existing West Car Park at Bristol Zoo for a residential project.

The Civic Society is supportive of this proposal in principle. It makes optimum use of the site which is located within a generally residential area close to The Downs. The proposed land use is appropriate. The scheme also makes use of high quality materials.

Access to the site from Cecil Road works well and the provision of car parking complies with City Council parking standards and is acceptable in a location where alternative modes of transport can readily be used.

The proposed mews style houses are generally low in height, maintaining the important views across the site between the larger houses on the perimeter. These are considered appropriate in terms of massing and density.

Whilst the principle of the new block along College Road is acceptable the Society has a concern regarding the overall height of the block which needs to be carefully assessed within its context.

A major challenge will be to ensure that the proposed development is developed at a future date to the high standards of materials and of design currently shown.

Simon Birch


4 thoughts on “West Car Park at Bristol Zoo”

  1. What a dull uninspiring design, it’s pretty inoffensive, but that shouldn’t be the standard that garners support from the civic society. We should be pushing for exemplary place making which enhances the architectural fabric rather than blending blandly.

  2. Linda Reeves

    Your ‘concern regarding the overall height of the block along College Road’ is inconsistent with your support of the scheme since this this block is an integral part of the development.
    The block is over tall, over massed and ill designed. It makes no attempt to respond to surrounding architecture. I am shocked that the Civic Society is supporting this plan to cram as many units as possible onto this small site. Parking provision is woefully inadequate and the loss of 15 trees unacceptable.
    Does this ill judged comment really reflect the views of Civic Society members?

  3. Thank you for your comments. We consider that the density of the proposed scheme is appropriate in terms of planning policy and in terms of the location. We support the City Council’s policies to reduce the use of the private car and to restrict parking in new developments. This is a highly sustainable location where car use is not required.
    We have highlighted concerns about the height of the College Road block which planners will need to assess in detail.

    1. I find this deeply disappointing Simon, and leads me, as a returning member, to question the decision making process within the Society. I totally understand the Society does not wish to be seen to be opposing everything, and am not opposed to the principle of residential development on this car park site, but I am concerned that development should have much greater respect for the historic fabric (walls) and scale, and should be of the highest architectural quality within the Clifton Conservation Area. This cannot be judged as adequate, yet alone good, in terms of traditional or contemporary architecture. Please review your decision! (BTW I don’t know the A Ferguson who made the opening comment on 22nd May – with whom I must agree!)

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