Update 21 St Thomas Street Redcliffe

21 St Thomas Street
Original nine-floor scheme

In 2018 the Council granted planning permission for an 8 floor block of student accommodation. A planning app enquiry immediately followed the permission that asked the Council’s advice upon a proposal to extend the building to 20 floors. The Society did not support the new proposal and neither did the Council.

The developer, the F3Group, has made a second post-permission proposal to extend the permitted building to 14 floors. The Society does not support this proposal. This is a physically constrained site where a back of the pavement tall building would create an uncomfortable scale of enclosure not conducive to the placemaking aim of local planning policy and would harm the Redcliffe Conservation Area.

John Frenkel

Bristol Civic Society full response [PDF, 179KB]

Civic Society view of original proposal.


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