Trinity Road Police Station

Trinity Road Police Station

The Society is generally supportive of the redevelopment of this site for residential purposes together with open space, landscaping, parking and associated development. It is well located for a wide range of services and employment opportunities.

The proposed development re-uses existing development land on a site that is located within the Old Market area of Bristol. However, despite its overall suitability the current proposal does give rise to issues, particularly in terms of height and the impact of over shadowing and overlooking to neighbouring premises, which still need to be addressed.

The overall design appears uninspiring and hardly does justice to this prominent site at the end of West Street. The inclusion of active ground floor units would assist in lifting the dull character of the street scene.

The Society is also concerned about the potential impact of residential development on Trinity Community Arts in terms of future issues with noise from that venue. We understand that a robust agreement was put in place to safeguard the Motion night club in a comparable location – could this approach be followed with this application?

Simon Birch

Full Civic Society report.


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