Trenchard Street

Trenchard StreetTrenchard Street and Frogmore Street Public Realm Strategy

The draft public realm strategy offers guidance on how to spend a limited amount of s106 planning gain money to fund street improvements, arising from the redevelopment of the ice rink building as student accommodation. The aim of the improvements is to calm motor traffic and improve the public realm experience for those on foot. The initial improvements will be around the historic Hatchet pub.

The Society supports the Strategy’s conclusions, proposals and delivery, the approach of trialling solutions (temporary traffic orders to trial street closure and semi-permanent installations) and the order of development:

  1. Hatchet Square – with new north Hatchet frontage
  2. Frogmore Street – existing south Hatchet Frontage
  3. Denmark Avenue
  4. Trenchard Street Multi Storey Car Park
  5. Colston Hall crossing and footway improvements.

The Society also commented that a future project should consider the whole of the local character area, which extends from Brunel House in the west to the top of Colston Street in the east, and includes Denmark Street / Unity Street, Orchard Street and Avenue, Gaunts Lane and Hobbs Lane. For instance, the pedestrian experience in Frogmore Street under the Park Street viaduct is dire.

Bristol Civic Society’s full response [PDF, 764KB] Right-click to download, click to view.

Use this link for the location of this area on Google Maps

Alan Morris

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