Temple Gate Gyratory

Temple Gate GyratoryThe Council believes that there is a better way to manage Temple Gate to develop it into a destination worthy of a European Green Capital with new buildings, public realm, including a new public square, of the highest quality. This first phase is part of a £21 million programme of road, cycle and pedestrian route improvements across the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone to create:

  • More direct road layout: removing the Temple Circus roundabout and replacing it with a simplified, light-controlled cross road with fewer traffic lights.
  • More space for people: High quality pedestrian and cycle routes and a new one stage crossing will make it easier for people on foot and by bike to move between the station and the city centre.
  • Changes of access to The Friary and Cattlemarket Road, including a new passenger/taxi drop-off point on The Friary and convenient access to the north side of the station.
  • Create space for new gateway buildings and high quality public spaces.
  • Better public transport links: a new bus lane along Temple Way will improve bus journey times and service reliability.
  • Upgraded stops: new shelters, better information and a new MetroBus stop.

The Society supports the principle of the changes to the road network. The scheme will produce real gains for the public realm. It will recover development land from the gyratory system and eliminate the ‘island’ and regain the George & Railway and Grosvenor Hotel sites to economic use. If the Council implements the highway changes to ensure good placemaking, the proposals will begin to mend the broken townscape, which separates Temple Meads and its surroundings from Redcliffe.

The Society has expressed some concerns. The scheme would remove the roundabout and the right turn into the station for traffic approaching from the east and south. The Society doubts whether Temple Back East has sufficient capacity to provide a new taxi access to the north side of the station. There would be no dedicated bus lanes through the junction and there is a lack of provision for improved bus based public transport. Because of uncertainties, particularly Network Rails plans to redevelop Temple Meads Station it is not possible to place the current proposals within the surrounding areas of change, which is frustration.

Bristol Civic Society’s response [PDF, 373KB] Right-click to download, click to view.

John Frenkel

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