Redcliffe Quarter

Land Bounded by Redcliff Street, St Thomas Street and Three Queens Lane Redcliffe Bristol BS1 6LJ. Planning application 21/02574/F

Bristol Civic Society objects to the latest proposals for this important city centre site. This is an over dense design which has little or no relationship with the historic street pattern and which will have an adverse impact on the neighbouring properties.

The Society is concerned that the scale of the proposal will be harmful to neighbouring buildings particularly those on the west side of Redcliff Street. This is demonstrated clearly in the proposal material on the consultation website in the image showing the scale of the proposed development. Of particular concern is the building proposed at the corner of Three Queens Lane and Redcliff Street.

Bristol Civic Society is disappointed that the scheme has become predominantly residential with a much less vibrant mix of uses and remains too dense. The Society continues to urge the developers to seek more variation in the treatment of the elevations. There is concern that the proposed internal courtyard would not provide an attractive amenity space and that the pedestrian cross-street would not provide an attractive pedestrian experience in view of the height and proximity of the proposed development along its length.

Simon Birch

Full Civic Society response.


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  1. Seemed like deja vue: decades ago i commented via the Evening Post about a horrendous office scheme, I think in Rupert St, which i called Stalinist.(one result was my being invited to join the Planning Applications Group!).
    I reckon this application is Stalinist! Plus ca change!

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