Queen Victoria House

queen-victoria-houseThis unlisted building of merit on Redland Hill has been a convalescent home, a maternity hospital and is now offices. Pegasus Life is a specialist in the provision of assisted living for older people. Pegasus Life propose to develop an integrated scheme of homes with health, wellbeing services and facilities. The proposal would sympathetically convert Queen Victoria House, demolish the unsympathetic modern extensions and build two new blocks on the east side of the site. The Society supports the concept of this development. The conversion to residential use would prevent this prominent unlisted building of merit falling into disuse and decay. Accommodation of the type proposed is as an important addition to Bristol’s housing stock. This would be a high sustainable site for assisted living.

The Society supports the construction of two additional blocks to the east of the principal building. Because there are only concept drawings available, there remains a concern that the closest of the new blocks will be lower than the ridge of the principal building. Pegasus Life has succeeded in buying back the original garden land to the south. The management plan is to restore and maintain the gardens in their original size. The Society welcomes the conservation gain that the restoration of Queen Victoria House will bring.

Bristol Civic Society’s full statement [PDF, 272KB] Right-click to download, click to view.

John Frenkel

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