Premier Inn redevelopment: Jan 2024 update

Premier Inn redevelopment – proposed reduction in height… if you look carefully

Last summer the Civic Society was highly critical of the proposed redevelopment of the Premier Inn on The Haymarket. We said we wanted to see more affordable homes in Bristol, but we didn’t support cutting corners in their liveability, tackling the climate emergency or in delivering good design. We weren’t convinced the existing building couldn’t be reused to save carbon emissions and said any new development should be much lower than the proposed 28-storeys because of the devastating change it would have on Bristol’s character.

In the run up to Christmas the applicant made a number of changes to the proposed design, and how they assess carbon emissions so as to strengthen their pitch for not reusing the existing building. We’ve said the proposal to shave 4 metres off the tallest building’s proposed 107 metres is paltry. The existing Premier Inn tower is 69 metres. The reduction would be just over one storey (floor heights are being reduced). Historic England has again underlined to the council that the tower needs to be cut by eight storeys. We’ve also questioned the carbon assessment and said with regard to reusing the existing buildings, we have a strong sense the applicant is simply going through the motions with a predetermined ‘it’s all too difficult conclusion’.


Full Civic Society report

Image courtesy of NPA Visuals, Visually Verified Montages, November 2023



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