Photo of Portland Square

Portland Square update Jan 2019

31 – 32 Portland Square and Surrey Street

This former short terrace of four houses has been Bristol’s longest running ‘building at risk’, blight. The development site includes gap site where 29 and 30 Portland Square once stood, the partially ruined Grade I Listed 31 and 32 and 1 Cave Street. The proposal would replicate the external appearance of the original townhouses, restore the listed buildings so far as is possible and demolish the 1960s Sandhu’s warehouse that stands at the back of the site to build 94 new homes. The development’s other elevations face Surrey Street and Brunswick Cemetery. The scheme will restore the limestone facade of the terrace. Portland Square will at last be restored.

The Society supported the scheme although we had some reservations that arose because the scheme was much bigger than an earlier unbuilt scheme. The planners recommended approval of the development because of the major public gain that completion of the Square would bring. There have been earlier false hopes of restoration. We wish the developers well and hope that this scheme is built.

Planning permission has been granted.

Civic Society update January 2018.

John Frenkel

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